Six years ago, Nao Nao Group started with a vision - to become a center of creative endeavor, empowering upcoming and established artists into a network that could revitalize our ever-growing industry. 

Countless editorials, events, and photoshoots later, we are proud to stand tall as an example of excellence in the fashion and luxury business. Our enforcement of good practices, and the continued success of our affiliates have given us a reputation as strong competitor in the image making industry.

INNAO is the official blog of our company - and a celebration of our accomplishments. It is a link between the practice of our industries and our fans. We strive to provide a genuine behind-the-scenes look to our  creative process; and inform on latest trends and upcoming events.

We hope to provide you an insider's look into our world - and to become a gateway for international collaboration. INNAO stems out of our continuous effort to extend an invitation to our public to come and dream with us.